Baptism, Christenings and Confirmation


Being Born Again Through Baptism

While Catholics enjoy a set schedule of events for their confirmation as adults within the church, many Protestant sects have chosen a different method of commitment for their members. They generally christen an infant, but it does not make them full members of the religion. These sects believe their members will know when the time is right for them to make their commitment and be baptized, and there is no age imposed on when it will be done.

Members of these types of churches are called Born Again Christians because they believe their baptism is a new birth into their chosen faith. They are raised as part of the church as they grow up, but the decision to be baptized is a matter of personal choice. Unlike their original birth, their baptism gives them new life with God, Jesus Christ and the church.

Being reborn is a commitment to life with faith, but the followers of these sects also believe they are beginning a new life. Their baptism ceremony represents their true spiritual awakening as Christians, and they give their soul completely to God and Jesus at this time. As far as they are concerned, the life they had before being baptized is now unimportant. They can now strike out in a life with a new awareness of the love of God and a commitment to Him.

The baptism ceremonies for these churches vary widely, and they are often a large affair. Whether it is one or a group of people being baptized, a crowd of family, friends and fellow church members are in attendance. Some churches use small pools for their immersion, and others will convene at local rivers or oceans. No matter the setting, it is a time to rejoice and welcome the committed new church members.